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1992 • Halloween Horror Nights

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A New Name

With the success of Fright Nights (1991), it was inevitable that the event would return bigger and better. But first, a new name was needed… one that Universal could call their own. Trademarked in 1986 for Universal Studios Hollywood’s event, it was the perfect fit: Halloween Horror Nights™.

Along with the name, Universal Orlando used an image that was originally made for Hollywood’s merchandise: a Halloween pumpkin being torn to bits by a chainsaw. With the new name and image, Universal brought back the Dungeon of Terror (1992) in the queue of the JAWS Attraction (still under renovation at the time) along with a brand-new Haunted House The People Under the Stairs (1992). The Haunted House was based on Wes Craven’s horror film of the same name, released by Universal Pictures in November of 1991. Robosaurus, a gigantic robotic dinosaur as the name encapsulates, was at the event and would breathe fire and devour cars to the entertainment of guests. This marked the first year of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, a show that riffed on pop culture and featured dance numbers with the titular characters William “Bill” S. Preston Esq. and Theodore “Ted” Logan from Orion Pictures’ BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (1989, 1991, 2020) films. The show was a staple of Horror Nights™ until its final “tour” during Halloween Horror Nights™ 27 (2017). The Thunder Dome street show and The Pendragons magic show also returned.

Universal Orlando Resort™
October 23-24; 29-31, 1992
Event Name:
Universal Studios Florida Halloween Horror Nights
Event Phrase:
Presenting Halloween Horror Nights
6:30 PM-12:00 AM (Non-Peak)
6:30 PM-1:00 AM (Peak Nights)
$22.95 +tax - $33.00 +tax
2 Haunted House(s)
Scare Zones
17 Shows

Select the attraction name for additional information... and frights...

Dungeon of Terror
JAWS® Queue | X/5
Watch as a full cast of madmen and monsters wreak havoc and mayhem within the walls of the Dungeon's dark depths!
The People Under the Stairs
Soundstage #23 | X/5
Take a trip through the cryptic set that you will never forget...ever!
Blade Walker
World Expo (Exposition Blvd.) | ??/5
Participate in the world of magic with this one man juggler, tightrope walker and comedian.
Hex Maniacs
New York | ??/5
The hand is quicker than the eye! Illusions include a cremation.
Dragon Breath
Amity | ??/5
This fire-breathing contortionist is truly an extraordinary marvel!
Monkey Ladies
San Francisco | ??/5
Use your imagination!
Hell Cats
World Expo (Exposition Blvd.) | ??/5
These amazing cats will cross your path through hoops of fire!
Bone Bender
The Boneyard | ??/5
This entertainer will amaze you as he folds himself into a small cylinder.
Roni Nu’s Revue
Hollywood | ??/5
Rock along with our dancing ghouls as we combine lights, sound and special effects to tear down the house.
Rock ‘N Roll With Wolfman Jack
Hollywood | ??/5
With special guest appearance!
Grand Illusion
Amity | ??/5
This quick change artist performs magic to the beat.
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
FEAR FACTOR LIVE! Stage | ??/5
Bodacious stunts and awesome surprises take you on a trick or treat through time.
Hollywood | ??/5
None shall escape the threatening encounter with the barbaric Queen and her evil army of brutes.
The Pendragons
Animal Actors Stage | ??/5
These magical artists will enchant one and all with effect and illusions that defy the laws of nature.
Carnival of Horror
Hollywood | ??/5
Our one night only costume contest competition at Rock Inferno in Hollywood. Held on October 31st 1992.
New York | ??/5
A 30 ton robot invades the streets of New York with a mission to destroy.
The Incinerator
New York | ??/5
This man not only plays with fire, but consumes it as well.
Human Blockhead
New York | ??/5
He swallows swords, pounds nails into his head, and eats fire.
Misfortune Tellers
New York | ??/5
Gypsy fortune tellers will see your past, present, and future.

Event Facts

  • Halloween Horror Nights (1992) was home to the very first appearance of the Bill and Ted show. This show, which parodied current trends and the latest buzz in Hollywood, would soon become an annual show held at every Halloween Horror Nights event to come (ending in 2017).
  • This event also featured the first appearance of Robosaurus, a giant fire-breathing, car-eating robot that roamed the streets of New York.
  • The event was also home to the second appearance of The Dungeon of Terror. The following year Dungeon of Terror did not return, as the JAWS Attraction finally opened to guests after a very long rebuilding process.

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