Third Annual Universal Studios Florida Halloween Horror Nights™

1993 • Halloween Horror Nights

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The Horror Continues

With a solid foundation in place, Universal brought Halloween Horror Nights™ back for a third year. The image of a Halloween pumpkin being torn apart by a chainsaw remained the “face” of the event. The Norman Bates home and Bates Motel façade were constructed at Universal Studios Florida in 1990 for the filming of PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING (1990), and set pieces remained on location after filming wrapped and so, naturally, a Haunted House aptly titled The Psycho Path Maze (1993) was constructed. Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO (1960) that incorporated the façade to create an immersive experience.

A new original Haunted House was constructed called The Slaughterhouse (1993), and the name truly encapsulates the experience with a blood-drenched meat factory that used people for their product. The People Under the Stairs returned along with Robosaurus and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. The event also hosted a potpourri of street shows featuring illusionists and musicians to entertain guests.

Universal Orlando Resort™
October 15-16; 23-24; 29-31, 1993
Event Name:
Third Annual Universal Studios Florida Halloween Horror Nights™
Event Phrase:
No Event Phrase this year.
6:30 PM-12:00 AM (Non-Peak)
6:30 PM-12:30 AM (Peak Nights)
$24.95 +tax - $35.00 +tax
3 Haunted House(s)
Scare Zones
6 Shows

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The People Under the Stairs
Soundstage #23 | X/5
Sound Stage 23 is haunted. Beware! The walls are alive with horror.
The Psycho Path Maze
Bates Motel Set | X/5
A maniacal maze - Check in to the Bates Motel if you dare!
The Slaughterhouse
Nazarman’s Façade | X/5
Blood-soaked house of horror - Not for the squeamish.
Crossbows of Death
Animal Actors Stage | ??/5
Split second timing. Each shot could be their last.
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure II
FEAR FACTOR LIVE! Stage | ??/5
Bodacious stunts and awesome surprises take you on a trick or treat through time.
New York | ??/5
Man versus machine - To the Death!
Hex Maniacs
New York | ??/5
The hand is quicker than the eye! Illusions include cremation.
Human Blockhead
San Francisco | ??/5
Gut of iron. Head on pine.
Rock Inferno ft. Herb Williams and Gibraltar
Hollywood | ??/5
Join our ghouls and dance the night away on Hollywood Blvd.

Event Facts

  • Roach Man debuted, covered in live cockroaches and featured in one of the event’s Haunted Houses.
  • 1993 debuted The Chainsaw Drill Team, the iconic chainsaw wielding seen throughout the years.

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