Halloween Horror Nights™ XI - I.C.U.

2001 • Halloween Horror Nights

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The original vision of Halloween Horror Nights™ I.C.U was grisly and terrifying. The mantra was “No More Clowning Around!” and their icon would have been Edgar Sawyer. Everything changed, due to the September 11th terrorist attacks, Halloween Horror Nights™ had to be retooled for a more sensitive public.

At the last moment, Jack the Clown returned as the official host while Edgar Sawyer was retooled into Eddie Schmidt, deranged brother of Jack. Gore was removed and violence was kept an absolute minimum. Names were changed to “soften” their impact. 5 Haunted Houses were featured. RUN would be revisited in 2006, as well as 2015, while  Scary Tales would be revisited again sooner in 2002, and later in 2008, 2015, and 2018.

Universal Orlando Resort™
October 5-7; 11-13; 17-21; 25-28; 30-31; November 2-3, 2001
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights™ XI - I.C.U.
Event Phrase:
7:00 PM-12:00 AM (Non-Peak)
7:00 PM-2:00 AM (Peak Nights)
$46.00 +tax
5 Haunted House(s)
3 Scare Zones
4 Shows

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Pitch Black
Soundstage #22 | X/5
A mysterious zone of darkness has appeared causing weird disturbances. It's up to you to investigate...if you dare.
Earthquake/Disaster Queue | X/5
Become a guest contestant in a diabolical new game where there are no questions no prizes and only one rule - try to escape without losing your mind.
Scary Tales
Soundstage #22 | X/5
Enter an abandoned carnival attraction and find yourself in a nightmarish fairy tale world where there's never a happy ending.
Nazarman’s Façade | X/5
Explore a hidden warehouse filled with ancient relics and urban legends that will have you believing in the supernatural.
The Mummy Returns: The Curse Continues
Earthquake/Disaster Queue | X/5
Based on the hit movie! Venture through a maze of tomblike corridors and dark caverns in the Temple of the Scorpion King where danger lurks around every corner.
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
FEAR FACTOR LIVE! Stage | ??/5
Party on as those two most excellent time traveling dudes Bill & Ted are back again in an ALL NEW adventure.
Nightmares On Parade
Parkwide (Roaming) | ??/5
The streets come alive with this ghoulish procession of Halloween images that will haunt you forever.
Dangerous D’illusions
Animal Actors Stage | ??/5
Internationally acclaimer illusionist Franz Harary designer of large scale stage illusions for concert tours by Michael Jackson Alice Cooper and other performs feats of mind-bending magic.
Boogey Men
Pantages’ Theater | ??/5
Experience the terror of the scariest film madmen ever to slash the silver screen. Just keep telling yourself "It's only a movie... It's only a movie!"...or is it?

Event Facts

  • Coming so close after the September 11th terrorist attacks, Universal hurried to change the event to reflect and be more accepting to the mood amongst society at that time. Many changes were made, from house titles to the non-existence of blood, dismemberment, and even dust. One of the most notable changes would be the event's original icon - Eddie.
  • Eddie was a chainsaw-wielding, facemask-wearing maniac who had an elaborate back story. In fact, you can read the original concept for the icon in our article "Terror with a Chainsaw - Eddie." Eddie was subtly replaced by the return of the previous years' icon Jack the Clown - with taglines such as "Jack's Back" and "There's no more clowning around."
  • In addition to the icon change, anything graphic or violent was scrapped from the event, displaying no blood or any sort of gore. Haunted House, Scare Zone, and Show names were changed, anything that could be taken remotely offensive in the country's state of vulnerability was removed in respect.
  • Some original titles (which may still sound familiar) included "Bloodbath Underground" which became "Ooze Zone", and modifications to red lighting being changed to green, and blood turning into ooze and goop.
  • Scary Tales was originally named Terror Land.
  • Nightmare Alley was originally titled Slasher Alley.
  • The Festival of the Dead Parade was renamed Nightmares on Parade.
  • The Deadly D'illusions show became Dangerous D'illusions.
  • The Mummy Returns: Temple of Terror was renamed The Mummy Returns: The Curse Continues.
  • Danger Zone became The Unknown.
  • Halloween Horror Nights™ XI was also the last event to be featured entirely at Universal Studios Florida until Halloween Horror Nights™: Sweet 16 in 2006. The following year, the event made the move over to Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park.
  • This event would be the last time Nazarman's façade would be used as a Haunted House location until Halloween Horror Nights™: Carnival of Carnage.
  • RUN was the first-ever Haunted House to purposely separate guests, for a unique – completely unpredictable – experience.

An in-depth look at all of the changes made to Halloween Horror Nights™ XI can be found in our article "Terror with a Chainsaw: Eddie"

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