Halloween Horror Nights™ 24

2014 • Halloween Horror Nights
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Fear Will Eat You Alive

Infamously known as the HHN year that re-introduced the Halloween film, this year's incredible standout was the Halloween franchise's first time in Orlando. Gone were the "Walking Dead" and back to a steady track of Original Content and IP materials.

Universal Orlando Resort™
September 19-20; 25-28; October 2-5; 9-12; 15-19; 22-26; 29-31; November 1, 2014
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights™ 24
Event Phrase:
You've Been Warned
7:00 PM-12:00 AM (Non-Peak)
7:00 PM-2:00 AM (Peak Nights)
$81.99 +tax - $91.99 +tax
8 Haunted House(s)
4 Scare Zones
2 Shows

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AVP: Alien vs. Predator
Soundstage #24 | RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (1)
Avoid being collateral damage in a violent and savage battle between two horrific extraterrestrial species. Whoever wins... we lose.
Dollhouse of the Damned
Sprung Tent #1 | RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (2)
Within the decaying walls of this house awaits something evil. The unfortunate souls that enter here will become the damned that never escape.
Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood
Soundstage #24 | RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (1)
Your demise could come from bloodthirsty vampires or the attacking Turks as you attempt to survive the terrifying journey that turned the one-time hero into Dracula.
From Dusk Till Dawn
Soundstage #22 | RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (1)
Beneath the neon lit facade of this remote biker bar you’ll discover a labyrinth of death as an ancient race of bloodthirsty creatures serve up chaos and carnage.
Giggles & Gore Inc.
Earthquake/Disaster Queue | RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (1)
Witness the torturous process that turns kidnapped people into evil clowns- just try not be transformed into one yourself.
Sprung Tent #2 | RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (1)
Follow in Michael Myers’ footsteps as he begins his historic night of horror. John Carpenter’s classic original film comes to life – just as yours is coming to an end.
Roanoke: Cannibal Colony
B-79 (Parade Building) | RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (1)
In the settlement of Roanoke the frenzied colonists will rip tear and devour any fresh meat that comes near them.
The Walking Dead: End of the Line
Soundstage #25 | RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (1)
AMC’s The Walking Dead returns in an all-new house based on the series’ most recent season. Experience the event’s largest house ever with more Scareactors than ever before.
The Purge: Anarchy
New York | ??/5
Once you enter the Purge you'll be lucky just to survive the night. Anyone's a victim everyone's a killer as masked maniacs rule the night in this experience based on the hit movies.
MASKerade: Unstitched
Avenue of the Stars | ??/5
A glamorous masquerade ball is revealed to be a macabre dance of death. When the masks come off and the stitches are ripped away you’ll find that beauty may be skin deep but horror oozes much deeper.
Face Off: In the Flesh
Hollywood | ??/5
You’ll be surrounded by the most terrifying creatures from the minds of some of Hollywood’s most talented Special effects make-up artists in this gruesome immersive experience.
Bayou of Blood
Central Park | ??/5
Venture into the Louisiana bayou where practitioners of voodoo are seeking unwilling victims for the night's ritual sacrifice.
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
FEAR FACTOR LIVE! Stage | ??/5
Party on as those two most excellent dudes return with an all new show to skewer the biggest stories of the past year with the biggest names in pop culture.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute
Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue Stage | ??/5
Let’s do the Time Warp again! Rock out to clips from the classic cult film with your favorite Transvestite live tribute performers and audience participants.

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Halloween Horror Nights™ 24 RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (4.7/5, based on 3 reviews)

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    RatingRatingRatingRatingRating on 2/3/21 - 3:21pm

    2014 was the year Horror Nights returned to form after a series of weak events. The lack of scarezones the year before and some stilted storytelling choices made HHN feel uninspired. Halloween (like the film) was an absolute masterpiece of a house. Easily one of the scariest house in recent memory and had perfect pacing. Here's my full review of HHN 24: 1. Halloween - I can’t say enough good things about A&D’s flawless recreation of the 1978 classic horror flick. From a design standpoint alone this house boggles the mind. The winding hallways constantly kept me guessing. Every time Michael appears he lunges at you with haste. If we would walk in on a reset the scareactors would improvise and still go after my group. All the classic sound queues are here, music… etc. I couldn’t help but have a massive grin on my face from start to finish. This will go down in HHN history. Scares A+ Atmosphere A+ 2. Alien vs. Predator - This house takes the cool factor for sure. Scares are slowly improving from my first run but I wish it was a tad more amped up. The Xenomorph are flawless but don’t lunge at you as far as AWiL puppets. The Predators are tall and menacing. Seeing him with and without the helmet is cool. The set design looks like they could start filming the next Alien tomorrow. Weakest element are the facehuggers. They look cheap. Overall near perfect house. Scares B Atmosphere A+ 3. Dollhouse of the Damned - Total creep fest. Definitely has a “Scary Tales” vibe. Seeing raggedy Ann calling out for help set the perfect mood. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite room or moment because the house has so much variety compared to the rest. I’ll say it is hard for me to confess, I got my best scare in the ballerina room. Dollhouse proves A&D still has some magic up their sleeves when it comes to original content. Bring it on. Scares B+ Atmosphere A 4. The Walking Dead: End of Line - Well, I was definitely surprised. I am a big fan of the books, enjoy the show but WD has definitely overstayed its welcome at HHN. The first couple rooms of the house are pretty weak. After that it really breaks loose. The zombie count per room just keeps stacking as it progresses. Before I knew it we were surrounded by dozens of walkers in the woods with strobes… pretty damn creepy. I feel like some people have undersold this house. Easily best WD house but surprisingly the best zombie house Universal has ever done. Scares B Atmosphere A 5. Giggles & Gore - Cool original concept for something that could have easily been a throwaway house. I do feel like there’s 1 too many show scenes but overall the actors are spot on. There's one hallway with a guest activated button but it feels like a waste of a hallway. The final stretch of the house is where is goes bonkers. The tall clown with the top hat can kiss my ass, he’s the scariest thing in the whole event. Scares B Atmosphere B 6. From Dusk Till Dawn - Big fan of the movie. Could care less about the show. This is a solid house. Definitely brought back Demon Cantina memories. I saw an abundance of scares actors from beginning to end. Some were a little repetitive. The house translated fine from the film. I don’t think I’ll need to watch the show. Overall great sets and decent scares. Scares C+ Atmosphere A 7. Roanoke - I dig the concept of this house. Love when A&D pulls from history. The actors seemed like they were going for more looney than scary. I’m not sure if this house is about timing or what but scares are few and far between. The final room is great but why did they remove their horns? I recommend going through Roanoke after a few beers and dance to the drums. Scares C+ Atmosphere B 8. Dracula Untold - Really cool looking house. Scares are hit or miss depending on timing. The warrior being hit by a volley of arrows via pressurized air at my back was a highlight for me. I don’t mind this house just doesn’t stand out from the bunch. Also turn the lights down a tad in this house. Too bright. Scares C Atmosphere A Scarezones So refreshing to have scarezones back. Now that they’ve made a triumphant return I can’t complain. Even if one of them was a stinker I still wouldn’t mind. The Purge Anarchy - Great lively zone. Has “Fright Yard” vibe. Tons of actors roam all over the NY area. Some of the beaten path. Maskerade Unstitched - I didn’t think this petite zone would be so far up my list but the actors are perfect. Creepy and cool. Bayou of Blood - Great looking zone but the scares are pretty quite. Every actors play their parts well just aren’t too active. Face Off - Good photo OP zone. A decent amount of actors in between stages. Definitely have give props to the actors on stages for what they do the entire night.

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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating on 10/10/20 - 1:57pm

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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating on 9/30/20 - 9:50pm

Now hhn 24, well what can be said? Oh wait I know....HALLOWEEN WAS AWESOME. Having Halloween be part of hhn 24 was the best thing ever and next to dollhouse of the dammed (Fav house#1) it was also my favorite house. It was the 1st year that I got an official HHN house shirt and also the 1st time I met Tim and Jenn tracker best night ever. Best year ever and also that teaser for hhn25, I mean come what more was needed to be done?

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