Halloween Horror Nights™ II - Primal Scream

1998 • Halloween Horror Nights

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Household Name Horror

Hollywood’s first consecutive year of Halloween Horror Nights brought with it more refinements to the West Coast formula. Legendary horror writer, filmmaker, and artist Clive Barker was enlisted to design his own maze. He would receive an Eyegore Award for his work, the first of many Horror Nights collaborators to receive the honor.  Brand-name rock ‘n’ roll came to the event with a dedicated KISS cover band. Bill & Ted returned, but Hollywood also received its own signature show with SlaughterWorld, a gorier, raunchier rewrite of WaterWorld that would return intermittently in the years to come.

Universal Studios Hollywood™
October 16-17; 23-24; 29-31, 1998
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights™ II - Primal Scream
Event Phrase:
The Last Scream You'll Ever Hear
7:00 PM-1:00 AM (Non-Peak)
$29.00 +tax - $37.00 +tax
4 Maze(s)
Scare Zones
7 Shows

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Alien Assault
Soundstage #34 | X/5
The truth is in here. Dare to board an alien spaceship and survive close encounters with horrific aliens.
Classic Creatures Features
Tram Warehouse | X/5
Step into a darkened movie theater and into the clutches of Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman and a cast of others to die for.
Clive Barker’s FREAKZ
Soundstage #36 | X/5
Horror genius Clive Barker, creator of Hellraiser, invites you into this warehouse filled with his most freakish creations.
The Cryptkeeper’s Screaming Room
Tram Warehouse | X/5
Cryptkeeper invites you to his private screaming room where the movie screen's sharpest slashers, ax murderers and serial killers will scare the yell out of you.
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure II
Wild West Stunt Show (Defunct) | ??/5
SPOOF is the word. The boys from San Dimas are back in an all new action-packed laugh-filled adventure.
Death-defying stunts, fireworks and a tidal wave of terror lurk just beneath the surface in this new form of water torture.
Chucky’s Wedding Chapel
Upper Lot | ??/5
Chucky and his bride Tiffany host nightly weddings and audience participation is mandatory.
Boogie Knights
Blues Brothers Stage (USH) | ??/5
If disco killed you in the 70s, then this will make you hustle 'til you drop.
Animal House… of Horrors
Animal Actors Stage | ??/5
Wild, man eating beasts are unleashed to run amok! Please don't feed the animals... they're always hungry for a handout – yours!
Carnival of Carnage
Upper Lot | ??/5
Freak out at the sight of this gory collection of sword swallowers glass eaters and human pincushions torturing themselves into a tizzy!
The Ultimate Tribute to KISS
Upper Lot | ??/5
Cover band Black Diamond.

Event Facts

  • FREAKZ used a caretaker character, General Santiago, to guide the audience through 12 rooms – with standout characters including a "Chicken-Eater," ‘'Double-Headed Freak' and a bride strangely pregnant with an alien being.
  • Everyone’s favorite time-traveling duo, Bill and Ted, returned this year in Bill and Ted’s Halloween Adventure II – a sequel to 1997’s show.
  • First year to take advantage of the studio’s soundstages.

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