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2009 • Halloween Horror Nights

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How do you follow Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface? With four-of-a-kind. Jigsaw, Michael Myers, Chucky, and My Bloody Valentine’s Henry Warden took over a notably looser Halloween Horror Nights. There was still an overriding theme - Saw’s Billy the Clown fronted the marketing and tied all the mazes together as movie-inspired traps devised by the Jigsaw Killer - but it was downplayed more than previous years in favor of a more generalized monster mash.

Universal Studios Hollywood™
October 2-3; 9-11; 15-18; 23-25; 28-31, 2009
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights™ 2009
Event Phrase:
You'll Wish It Was Just a Movie
7:00 PM-12:00 AM (Non-Peak)
7:00 PM-1:00 AM (Peak Nights)
$34.00 +tax - $60.00 +tax
5 Maze(s)
6 Scare Zones
1 Shows

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Chucky’s Funhouse
House of Horrors | X/5
America's favorite serial killer doll is taking matters into his own little hands. Chucky has taken over an old carnival funhouse and is raising an army of KIller Dolls to take his ultimate revenge on humanity!
Halloween: The Life & Crimes of Michael Myers
Upper Lot | X/5
Michael Myers had returned to the town of Haddonfield on Halloween night! It's a Halloween fan's worst nightmare!
My Bloody Valentine: Be Mine 4 Ever
Upper Lot | X/5
Ten years ago a horrible mine cave in led to the deaths of several miner's on Valentine's Day. The mine was shut down and a scape-goat was found. Now 10 years after the anniversary of the disaster... Harry has returned to take his revenge.
SAW: Game Over
Revenge of the Mummy Queue | X/5
Enter the twisted world of Jigsaw the demented serial killer from the SAW horror franchise. Someone in your group will not survive this life-altering experience. Will it be you?
Terror Tram: Live or Die
The Terror Tram | X/5
Jigsaw takes over the world-famous Studio Tour and drives directly into your nightmares. Will you choose to live or die?
Let the Games Begin!
Front Gate | ??/5
Once you step through the turnstiles of Halloween Horror Nights the game is on! Your first challenge is to make it past Jigsaw's chainsaw wielding pig-faced minions but don't get to close... or you may end up a victim yourself.
Welcome to Hell
New York | ??/5
New York Street got transformed into hell one Earth with flame flowers stilt walking demons and scareactors inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.
There Will Be Blood
Lower Lot | ??/5
Billy Jigsaw's messenger of doom is broadcasting warnings on a giant video screen. At the end of the street is Jigsaw's Lair. To get there you have to make it past Jigsaw's minions and their roaring chainsaws!
The Meat Market
Western Street | ??/5
Welcome to the Meat Market where a blood thirsty family of butchers are looking for some choice pieces of meat!
Shaun of the Dead
Baker Street | ??/5
Zombies have invaded Baker's Street! Now it's up to Shaun and his zombieslacker friend Ed to save themselves from the hordes of vile flesh eaters that have overrun the streets of London.
French Street | ??/5
A renegade band of Carnival Freaks have set up camp on the French Street and has developed a taste for human flesh!
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Special Effects Stage | ??/5
The boys are back with their most excellent time-traveling phone booth for an all-new comedy satire of this year's pop culture and celebrity screw-ups. It's the perfect way to tickle your funny bone before Freddy Jason or Leatherface tear it up.

Event Facts

  • To date, this was the last year Halloween Horror Nights had more than one show. It was also the first, last, and only year it hosted The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute.
  • Building off the previous year’s wandering Strangers, Shaun of the Dead became the first licensed scarezone in Hollywood. For its transformation into Chucky’s Funhouse, Universal’s House of Horrors received its most elaborate redressing yet. 

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