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2011 • Halloween Horror Nights

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Thinking Outside the Masks

Though Ghostface would take over mascot duties and the Terror Tram, this year’s line-up marked a notable step away from the slasher standbys that had previously defined Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.

Alice Cooper scored his own maze alongside Rob Zombie’s returning House of 1000 Corpses, beginning the modern trend of rockstar presence at the event. Recent Universal reboots of The Thing and The Wolfman provided more inhuman scares. Hostel carried the torture-porn torch from Saw. For the first time since The Asylum in 2006, an original maze was built at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood with La Llorona: Villa de Almas Perdidas.

Universal Studios Hollywood™
October 14-16; 20-23; 27-31, 2011
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights™ 2011
Event Phrase:
Scream 4 Your Life
7:00 PM-1:00 AM (Non-Peak)
7:00 PM-2:00 AM (Peak Nights)
$37.00 +tax - $62.00 +tax
7 Maze(s)
5 Scare Zones
1 Shows

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Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare
Lower Lot | X/5
Enter the gruesomely twisted mind of shock rock legend Alice Cooper as he takes the stage in what is sure to be your final performance. Find your way through a labyrinth of razor-sharp guillotines smell the burning flesh rotting upon electric chairs and face off against deadly boa constrictors demonic dolls and more!
Eli Roth’s Hostel: Hunting Season
Revenge of the Mummy Queue | X/5
Escape to devilishly hedonistic Bratislava home to Eastern Europe's most horrifying Hostel where pleasure and pain go hand in hand. Descend to hell's darkest corner as you sample the forbidden fruits of extreme terror. It's hunting season and vulnerable prey is in high demand!
La Llorona: Villa de Almas Perdidas
Upper Lot | X/5
Explore the chilling legend of pain and anguish as your ears succumb to the petrifying screams of a woman consumed by the dreadful guilt of drowning her children and then herself.
Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses: In 3D Zombievision
Upper Lot | X/5
Enter a 3-D world of carnage and chaos that could only be envisioned by horror icon Rob Zombie as you brave Captain Spaulding’s deadly tourist trap.
Terror Tram: Scream 4 Your Life
The Terror Tram | X/5
Go behind the bloody scenes of the Universal Studios Backlot where many of Hollywood's most horrific scary movies are currently filming. Rumors of tourists being killed by a cloaked murderer have begun to emerge but the Ghostface Killer couldn't be real... or could he?
The Thing: Assimilation
Upper Lot | X/5
Venture on a perilous journey to the isolated outpost of Thule Station. Discover why scientists went missing in the seemingly infinite frozen reaches of Antarctica. Make the most shocking discovery of your life as you encounter a frightful alien creature that claims its victims without remorse morphing into anything…or anyone!
The Wolfman: The Curse of Talbot Hall
House of Horrors | X/5
Take a treacherous stroll through Blackmoor’s haunting countryside where the roads run red with blood. Somewhere in the shadows a truly grotesque creature lies watching waiting to strike when the moon is full.
Baker Street | ??/5
Feel your stomach churn as you encounter a decaying English village ravaged by the walking dead. Breathe in the foul stench of decay as the corpses of butchers barbers and yes --- even senior citizens reawaken in search of satiating their hunger for human flesh.
The Reapers
Lower Lot | ??/5
The Grim Reaper and his evil minions of death have been unleashed upon Earth equipped with mutilating chainsaws. There's nowhere to run or hide; death lurks around every corner!
Front Gate | ??/5
The infamous Ghostface Killer from Scream 4 is on the loose and may be right behind you -- ready to strike with his razor-sharp blade
New York | ??/5
Murder and mayhem reign as an ultra-violent gang of killer clowns take over “The Big Apple.” These psycho circus rejects are armed to the teeth and hell bent on destruction…yours! Now that the Klownz have come to town the city will never be the same again!
French Street | ??/5
A renegade band of out-of-work sideshow performers have set up camp on the smoke-choked streets of Paris. With the Freak Shows shut down and food in short supply the Freakz have developed a taste for human flesh! If you venture into their camp after dark you may not make it out alive!
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Special Effects Stage | ??/5
The boys are back with their most excellent time-traveling phone booth for an all-new comedy satire of this year's pop culture and celebrity screw-ups. It's the perfect way to tickle your funny bone before Freddy Jason or Leatherface tear it up.

Event Facts

  • The extended queue from Jurassic Park: The Ride was put to use this year, bringing the number of scratch-built mazes up to five for the first time since 2000.

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