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Dawn of the Dead

The Walking Dead invaded Halloween Horror Nights™ and, for better or worse, the event would never be the same. For the first time since 2000’s one-two punch of the WWF and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the headliner was a television show. The zombies wouldn’t just get their own maze, but free reign over the Terror Tram, providing a more unified threat than years past.

Because of the new undead kids on the block, the rest of the maze line-up was recycled in either spirit or set piece. Leatherface returned in an adaptation of the 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre after four years away. Alice Cooper received a new maze based on his music. La Llorona: La Cazadora de Niños was almost identical to La Llorona: Villa de Almas Perdidas. The only surprise down the card was Welcome to Silent Hill, the only maze based on a video game ever attempted at Halloween Horror Nights™ Hollywood.

Universal Studios Hollywood™
September 21-12; 28-29; October 5-7; 12-14; 18-21; 25-28; 31, 2012
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights™ 2012
Event Phrase:
Once you're inside - there's no way out!
7:00 PM-12:00 AM (Non-Peak)
7:00 PM-1:00 AM (Peak Nights)
$39.00 +tax - $66.00 +tax
7 Maze(s)
4 Scare Zones
1 Shows

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Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D
Upper Lot | X/5
Since the dawn of time there is one place that man has feared above all others; a place of unending darkness eternal torment and unimaginable horrors...a place called Hell. Now rock/horror icon Alice Cooper is going to take you there!
La Llorona: La Cazadora de Ninos
Upper Lot | X/5
Explore the chilling legend of pain and anguish as your ears succumb to the petrifying screams of a woman consumed by the dreadful guilt of drowning her children and then herself.
Terror Tram: Invaded by the Walking Dead
The Terror Tram | X/5
The Zombie Apocalypse that started in Atlanta Georgia has spread to the West Coast and now the famous Universal backlot is teeming with hordes of "Walkers" the dead brought back to life with an insatiable hunger for human flesh!
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law
Lower Lot | X/5
Some families are sicker than others. Based on the iconic original film that redefined the face of horror relive one of the most grotesque crimes in all of American history in an all-new maze!
The Walking Dead: Dead Inside
Upper Lot | X/5
Experience a nightmarish maze journey through a post-apocalyptic world where the dead are the predators and the living are their prey. You'll follow in the footsteps of the human survivors as you make your way from a devastated suburban hospital through the chaotic streets of Atlanta to the remote countryside where a lone barn holds a terrible secret.
Universal Monsters Remix
House of Horrors | X/5
Universal's infamous legacy of horror comes to life in an all-new terrifying experience that re-envisions the classic horror icons for the 21st century and immerses you in modern horror inspired music.
Welcome to Silent Hill
Revenge of the Mummy Queue | X/5
Cross through the portal of pain from Fog World to Otherworld where the forsaken town of Silent Hill awaits. Feel your blood freeze as you come face to face with Pyramid Head the colossal executioner armed with an enormous jagged blade.
French Street | ??/5
Enter a European fishing village that is haunted by an ancient evil -- a coven of blood-thirsty witches hell-bent on revenge! For centuries this sleepy seaport was home to witches who practiced their black art under the cover of darkness. One terrible night the villagers hunted down the witches and burned them at the stake to cleanse the town once and for all of their pagan influence. It is said that some of the condemned swore revenge on the town right before the flames consumed their flesh. Now on autumn nights when the fog rolls in the coven of witches reassembles on the streets of the village to burn the living! Be warned for if you look into their charred faces it's already too late!
Baker Street | ??/5
Hidden away on the foggy streets of London is a quaint little toy shop. The place looks innocent enough from the outside but don't be fooled unspeakable horrors are taking place inside the Toy Maker's workshop! For decades The Toy Maker delighted the children of London with his handmade teddy bears and dolls but times change and toys go out of fashion. Faced with ruin The Toy Maker snapped and decided to take revenge on the people who turned their backs on him by using his skills to serve a darker calling. Now anyone who ventures too close to the Toy Shop at night is in danger of being abducted by the Evil Toy Maker and turned into one of his monstrous new creations…human toys!
Silent Hill
Lower Lot | ??/5
Before you enter the world of Silent Hill come face to face with the town's most feared residents. Cower in fear as The Bogeyman towers over you preparing to smash you to pieces. Feel every cut sink deep beneath your skin as hideously disfigured Nurses scar you for life. Pray for mercy as you confront Pyramid Head the merciless executioner of The Otherworld and hope that his great knife doesn't find its mark! Remember in Silent Hill nothing is as it seems!
New York | ??/5
Murder and mayhem reign as an ultra-violent gang of killer clowns take over “The Big Apple.” These psycho circus rejects are armed to the teeth and hell bent on destruction…yours! Now that the Klownz have come to town the city will never be the same again!
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Special Effects Stage | ??/5
The boys are back with their most excellent time-traveling phone booth for an all-new comedy satire of this year's pop culture and celebrity screw-ups. It's the perfect way to tickle your funny bone before Freddy Jason or Leatherface tear it up.

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