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Second Verse, Same as the First

American Horror Story returned to headline, focusing on one season instead of three, and shared the spotlight with another white whale. How do you follow the most infamous horror film ever made? By adapting a different most infamous horror film ever made. It may have seemed impossible given Stephen King’s aversion to haunted houses based on his work, but The Shining maze was further proof of the event’s newfound esteem.

Not that every licensing deal was a slam dunk. Plans to bring The Conjuring to Halloween Horror Nights™ fell through, resulting in an encore of Hollywood’s holy trinity - Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface. Between the slashers, another Saw sequel, and two mazes based on Blumhouse, the rest of the line-up was a mixtape most guests had already heard before.

Such was the cost of scope and scale. A record seven mazes were built, alongside the year-round haunted house and another Terror Tram overlay, but only three scare zones. The Walking Dead Attraction usually received an influx of actors for the event, but they were too precious a resource this year. Since its inception, Halloween Horror Nights™ Hollywood has lived and died by a necessarily tight budget. In 2017, however, it wasn’t hard to spot the corners cut.

Universal Studios Hollywood™
September 15-16; 22-23; 28-30; October 1; 5-8; 12-15; 19-22; 25-31; November 2-4, 2017
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights™ 2017
Event Phrase:
The Best Nightmares Never End
6:30 PM-1:00 AM (Non-Peak)
6:30 PM-2:00 AM (Peak Nights)
$49.00 +tax - $78.00 +tax
8 Maze(s)
3 Scare Zones
1 Shows

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American Horror Story: Roanoke
Backlot Metro Sets | X/5
Step inside the twisted world of American Horror Story the award-winning anthology horror series. Part II.
Ash vs. Evil Dead
Backlot Metro Sets | X/5
Evil doesn't sleep forever. Thirty years later poor Ash screwed up and recited passages from that book one lousy time and evil has found him again!
Insidious: Beyond the Further
Lower Lot | X/5
Troubled by a lifetime of evil supernatural spirits trapped in the Further-a vacuous netherworld caught between the living and the dead-Elise will take guests on an unsettling journey back in time through a portal into the Further to defy the most depraved and intimidating beings that have tormented her since the 1950s.
SAW: The Games of Jigsaw
Backlot Metro Sets | X/5
SAW: The Games of Jigsaw will test your physical and psychological limits as you come face-to-face with mastermind Jigsaw and his collection of infamous traps from the entire SAW film series.
The Horrors of Blumhouse
Upper Lot | X/5
Get ready for three twisted Blumhouse Productions films in one bone-chilling experience. Come face-to-face with the most iconic and unnerving moments from the blockbuster The Purge franchise Sinister movies and Happy Death Day.
The Shining
Revenge of the Mummy Queue | X/5
Welcome to The Overlook Hotel a sprawling yet isolated century old hotel with a tragic history of murder and madness. Jack Torrance a man with a troubled past has agreed to be the caretaker for The Overlook Hotel during the harsh Colorado winter and has moved his family into the shuttered hotel. But as soon as the Torrance family takes up residence in the hotel Jack begins to undergo a startling change...a descent into madness that will put his family in grave danger.
Titans of Terror
Fall victim to the silver screen's most deplorable killers whose affinity for bladed weapons redefined the horror movie genre as slasher films: Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) wielding his iconic chainsaw Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) brandishing his relentless machete and Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) swiping his trademark glove armed with razor blades.
Titans of Terror Tram: Hosted by Chucky
The Terror Tram | X/5
Taking terror to an unspeakable level of bloodcurdling screams The Titans of Terror Tram Hosted by Chucky will transport guests into a nightmare of carnage pitting you against these four modern horror icons this time led by infamous serial killer doll Chucky (Child's Play franchise). With his faithful army of degenerate chainsaw-wielding Good Guy Dolls Chucky will unleash havoc upon guests as they navigate a portion of the world-famous backlot.
Urban Inferno
Backlot Metro Sets | ??/5
Take your chances as you journey through Hell where you will encounter Burnt Lost Souls Half-Goat Executioners Mad Monks Blacksmiths Forging the chains of Purgatory and Satanic demons including the towering King and Queen.
Toxic Tunnel
Backlot Tunnel | ??/5
Utility workers were doing repairs inside the tunnel and accidently burst a pipe with toxic gas. Hazmat teams were called in but everyone has been infected by the gas and turned into zombie-like subhumanoids (as usually happens in this sort of situation). You just need to get past the crazed workers before the toxic gas turns you into a subhuman!
Front Gate | ??/5
It's trick or treating time in the big city in the worst possible way. Witches ghosts vampires werewolves and undead children have come out in droves to roam New York Street in celebration of Halloween. Be careful of stacks of jack-o-lanterns - they may be human heads.
Special Effects Stage | ??/5
On this fantastic voyage through this strange land the Jabbawockeez encounter a like-minded and masked character named Alizé-unaware that this being they've just met may hold the key to the Jabbawockeez' homecoming.

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