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2015 • Halloween Horror Nights

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Nine Horrifying Attractions

Halloween Horror Nights™, growing in popularity, has more than doubled their offerings over last year. Most notably, however, was the introduction of the first ever “Horror Level 10” haunted house, Trauma. This house required a separate admission and was considered to be rated “R15”. Only guests who accept the possibility of experiencing mental trauma were allowed to participate after signing a written oath while purchasing their tickets.

Universal Studios Japan™
September 11 - November 8, 2015
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Halloween Horror Nights™
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6:00 PM-10:00 PM (Non-Peak)
$77.32 +tax
5 Maze(s)
2 Scare Zones
3 Shows

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A Nightmare on Elm Street
| X/5
Murderer Freddy indulge in a miserable pleasure murder in a dream. You have to enter the hall in front of you and help a girl who keeps sleeping from the nightmare. From the front to the back can you escape from Freddie who is persistently attacking from any unexpected place and return to the real world safely?
Alien vs. Predator
| X/5
In a lab that has turned into an alien burrow you encounter a nightmare sight. A predator who is ferocious and devoured by aliens who are cruel and outrageous. The fierce battle between the strongest monsters will eventually transform into a “hunting” aiming at your life thoroughly! ! Experience the despair of the real thing in the grotesque world that has been recreated with amazing quality and scale.
Biohazard/Resident Evil: The Real 3
| X/5
The unique survival horror content is fused with the world's first “projection goggles” and evolves to the ultimate in overwhelming presence! The strongest weapon machine gun adrenaline is at its peak. Survive from the ultimate survival with an extremely high difficulty level of 0%!
Chucky’s Horror Factory 2
| X/5
The devil's work is revived in a brutal toy factory hidden in the toy shop! Chicky and his men are attacked mercilessly dismantled and on the verge of panic in the danger of life being assembled! Can you escape safely from the real and unpleasant worldview that surpassed last year and the urgent fear of being chased?
Trauma: The Experimental Hospital Ward of Horror
| X/5
The human experiment of fear that a psychologist has done is revived to the present age. You must be there and follow the instructions of the outrageous observer. The most terrifying horror level in history a “forced” maize that surpassed the limits of fear you can know. Only for those who can accept even if a mental trauma occurs experience it on your own.
Zombie Street
Parkwide (Roaming) | ??/5
If you walk down the street you will be caught without mercy! Screaming at the zombies that appear in the area suddenly startle suddenly and startle quality performance!
Terminator 2: 3-D | ??/5
The usual attractions will change on this day. Bugs and strange phenomena that occur one after another due to Sadako's curse. You will experience the curse of Sadako …
Haunted School
Cinema 4-D | ??/5
This famous Japanese horror series will appear at the popular Universal Cinema 4-D attraction. Guests will witness familiar stories unravel from the world of Gakkō no Kaidan (Haunted School), including Hanako, a young girl who haunts school bathrooms, and Kuchisake-onna, a malicious spirit with a slit mouth. The video and seats are linked, with special effects to create an eerie phenomenon with an astonishing sense of realism.
Parade de Carnival
Parkwide (Roaming) | ??/5
A dazzling, lively event featuring carnivals from across the world. It gathers festivals from across the world, including the American Mardi Gras, where guests can catch colorful bead necklaces. The parade includes more than 100 entertainers wearing glamorous costumes and nine magnificent floats with characters in Halloween costumes.

Event Facts

  • Parade de Carnivale would be retired after this event.
  • Guests wishing to experience Trauma had to sign a waiver prior to participating.
  • Event ran for a record 59 days, including every day in October.

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