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2017 • Halloween Horror Nights

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Back again? Come on in.

By the time Universal Studios Japan held its 2017 event, they had grown from a family-friendly festival to a full-blown epicenter of Horror. Having found their groove, Japan was able to create and execute a unique take on a global phenomenon, fusing their friendly party atmosphere with the terrors of Horror Nights. Sticking to what worked, 2017 was a year consisting mostly of expanded and improved sequels.

Universal Studios Japan™
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Halloween Horror Nights™
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6:00 PM-10:00 PM (Non-Peak)
$77.32 +tax
5 Maze(s)
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A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Maze 3
| X/5
Escape from the ruthless killer who strikes when you least expect it! Even now the murderous Freddy Krueger™ continues to stalk his victims in their dreams. You must enter the house standing before you and rescue the sleeping girl from her nightmare. Watch out: the ghastly brutal Freddy revels in slaughter and will persistently and unpredictably attack you both head-on and from behind! Pulled into a world of nightmares can you escape the killer and return to the real world in one piece!?
Cult of Chucky: Chucky’s Hospital Ward of Madness
The Obelisk | X/5
This time the setting is a hospital. He’s back and more vicious than ever. The curtain rises on the terrifying show of atrocities once again... More cruel more brutal—he’s back to attack slice and dissect the patients! Get swept up in a sense of tension with no escape and a realistic unsettling world.
Deadman’s Forest: Escape from the Forest of Death
| X/5
Advance through this nightmare and survive! A new area appears where creepy zombies lurk.A new area appears crawling with creepy zombies of the like you’ve never seen before. Chased by a horde of zombies into a dark gloomy forest you encounter a series of terrible traps... You’ve got to escape this mad waking nightmare on your own!
The Exorcist
| X/5
Don’t look away from the shocking reality of a girl possessed by the Devil. A mansion permeated by a menacing atmosphere. There you’ll find a girl utterly transformed by demonic possession. On setting foot in the manor you witness the sight of a spectacular rite of exorcism. You’ll be chilled to the core in both body and soul by a series of shocking scenes you can’t help but look away from and the terrible phenomena that wrack the girl’s body! It’s up to you to carry out the terrifying mission of rescuing the girl from the Devil’s evil grip.
Trauma 3
| X/5
Endless despair. After arriving at the facility you must now embark on a long mad journey. You’ll witness twisted human experiments that have been covered up and uncanny creatures that attack you no matter where you go... A ghastly new maze opens its doors: the longest in the park’s history where the wails and screams of terror never cease.
Zombie Street
Parkwide (Roaming) | ??/5
The most menacing most diverse undead horde ever! It’s a major outbreak of over 20 kinds of horrifying zombies! This year the park will be the site of an outbreak of the nastiest and most diverse zombies ever with over 20 kinds of all shapes and sizes! See the way they shamble with their eyes covered and their outlandish horrifying limbs... Scream out loud in the unprecedented terror of being surrounded by a horde of zombies!

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