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2011 • Halloween Horror Nights

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Final Cut

In its first year of operation, Universal Studios Singapore successfully imported the increasingly popular Halloween Horror Nights™ event from it’s sister parks in Hollywood, CA and Orlando, FL. The theme park opted to reincarnate a well-known and successfully marketed icon - The Director, a sadistic filmmaker who thrives on macabre moviemaking and filming tortured subjects. Once inside in the park, guests will be cast for their “final cut,” and enter various sets designed by the demented director. They will step right up to a midway of mayhem, escape pandemonium-filled streets of a post-apocalyptic metropolis, and come face-to-face with deformed carriers of a flesh-eating plague.

Universal Studios Singapore™
October 21-23; 27-30, 2011
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights 1
Event Phrase:
Are You Ready for Your Final Cut?
7:00 PM-1:30 AM (Non-Peak)
$60.00 +tax
2 Maze(s)
4 Scare Zones
2 Shows

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Sting Alley | X/5
A demonic plague has infected many unfortunate inhabitants in the poverty-stricken docks and alleyways of 19th century America. Their skin peeling their flesh decaying their foul putrid stench overwhelming-- Stay away from these pitiful victims!
Vengeance of the Matriarch
Soundstage #28 | X/5
Many years ago a power-hungry Nyonya seduced the village butcher to brutally murder her older sister in the family mansion. Today the restless spirit of this demented Peranakan matriarch still resides in this haunted house inviting you to enter her ghostly abode.
Hollywood | ??/5
The sinister carnival of mystery holds a dark deep secret. Step into its ring of evil and be suffocated by the hideous distorted forms you see. Are they even human or do their deformities stem from some mad curse!
Post-Apocalyptic Rage
New York | ??/5
A nuclear-apocalypse has devastated the city of New York! In the terrible aftermath hungry for raw meat and fresh blood mutated zombies roam the desolate streets savaging helpless survivors for their next meal.
The Void
Sci-Fi City | ??/5
In this strange world a sadistic Mad Scientist stalks humans and turns them into mechanical monsters. Screams of pain and anguish rip through the air as he dismembers and boils their limbs then fastens metal prosthetic parts in place!
The Edge of Darkness
Soundstage #28 | ??/5
Dreaded mummies and mindless minions stagger in agony across a desolate wasteland which now masquerades as a monster rave party zone capturing unwary clubbers and casting them into this portal of Hell! Will you be one of those lost souls tonight?
44 Sins
The Obelisk | ??/5
Guarded by the Anubis is the portal to Hell "44 Sins". Judgement is mad upon your soul... and if worthy entry is granted. Once inside you will be immersed in the most "hellacious" party on this earth. Be entranced! Dance and party the night away!

Event Facts

  • First Halloween Horror Nights™ event at Universal Studios Singapore.
  • In Singapore, The Director has taken on the alias of Billy Skorrski to disassociate himself from his incriminating past in the United States.

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