Halloween Horror Nights 2

2012 • Halloween Horror Nights

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Strings very much space attached

Riding on the immense success of its debut last year, Halloween Horror Nights™ returns this year as a bolder and bigger incarnation. This year, guests are transported into a terrifying nightmare, which will begin in the underbelly of the Puppet Master’s production line. His imaginary friends are more than what they seem, as guests stand witness to the Puppet Master’s brutal strive for perfection, only to discover the morbid truth about visitors to his puppet workshop that mysteriously went missing.

Universal Studios Singapore™
September 29 - October 29, 2012
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights 2
Event Phrase:
Even death comes with "strings attached"
7:00 PM-1:30 AM (Non-Peak)
$68.00 +tax
3 Maze(s)
3 Scare Zones
1 Shows

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Death Alley
Sting Alley | X/5
In the chaotic underbelly of Chinatown power hungry triad members extort protection money from hawkers in the area. The victims stage a revolt which quickly turns into a bloody massacre. Beware of their tormented souls that now haunt the grounds.
Dungeon of Damnation
Soundstage #28 | X/5
Evil resides in the Dungeon of Damnation lair of The Undertaker who reaps each tortured soul who passes through his cunning hands all for his own cruel pleasure. Tread carefully through this putrid pit of eternal suffering -- even the living are not safe.
The Insanitarium
Home to the criminally insane The Insanitarium is headed by Doctor Dementia notorious for her unorthodox practices ruthless experiments and shocking therapies. Do not be fooled by her steely exterior that masks the screaming madness going on behind the hospital walls.
House of Dolls
The Lost World | ??/5
Enter if you dare for all is not what it seems. Brace yourself as you step into the shadows of The Puppet Master's sinister factory and watch as he creates his twisted world of imaginary friends.
Total Lockdown
New York | ??/5
A helicopter flying over New York has lost control and caused a massive accident in the busiest part of town spilling a mysterious radioactive substance all over the city. In the wake of the aftermath of this catastrophic crash the streets moan in excruciating pain from the radiation poisoning. Stroll at your own risk.
Bizarre Bazaar
Ancient Egypt | ??/5
The High Priest bids you welcome to the Bizarre Bazaar. Here death is celebrated as life and nothing is to strange or unreal. Where the freaks and monsters thrive on human sacrifice in this market place of tortured souls.
Monster Rock
Pantages’ Theater | ??/5
Join Beetlejuice as he re-animates the infamous Universal Classic Monsters in this rock-n-roll musical.

Event Facts

  • Each mascot of the event hailed lord over their own area.
    • The Puppet Master oversaw the event from the House of Dolls scare zone.
    • The High Priest was found in the Bizarre Bazaar, a scare zone.
    • The Undertaker was hard at work in the Dungeon of Damnation, a haunted house.
    • Doctor Dementia practiced her experiments at The Insanitarium, a haunted house.
  • Halloween Horror Nights™ doubled the amount of scareactors from last year’s event.

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