Halloween Horror Nights 3

2013 • Halloween Horror Nights

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Evil In Threes

The third time’s the charm, they say. The region’s largest and most elaborate Halloween event returns with even more thrills and frights set amid original storylines. Three vengeful sisters take centerstage at Halloween Horror Nights™ 3 – banished witches reincarnated and reunited as the Daughter of the Undead, the Maiden of the Opera and the Crone of the Forest – promising to unleash their reign of terror over 10 full nights of horror in October and November.

Universal Studios Singapore™
October 11-12; 18-19; 25-26; 31; November 1-3, 2013
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights 3
Event Phrase:
Meet the sisters of evil. Three times the evil.
7:00 PM-1:30 AM (Non-Peak)
$68.00 +tax
3 Maze(s)
3 Scare Zones
1 Shows

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Soundstage #28 | X/5
A storm-battered ship is found mysteriously adrift after being lost at sea since 1910. The crew has vanished yet an unexplained presence lingers. On a ship once thought to have disappeared in the dark depths of the ocean the past is never truly dead.
House 13: Posession
House No. 13 for Sale! Some say that the occupants of this crumbling mansion are recluses but the horrific truth is they are imprisoned here by Evil Spirits. Their dream home is just a memory. Enter if you dare - but brace yourself for a house-viewing like no other - as the tables have turned!
Songs of Death
Jurassic Park Tent | X/5
A starlet's songs of vengeance turn into a spine-chilling requiem for her troupe. Step into the once flourishing Chinese Opera Academy and relive the bloody massacre by a vindictive prima donna - The Maiden of the Opera.
Attack of the Vampires
New York | ??/5
Once a charming town Whittemore is now a graveyard of pale fang-bearing living dead. The Daughter of the Undead has turned the town's rosy-cheeked residents into blood-thirsty Vampires. Hurry through the streets of Whittemore and never look anyone in the eyes!
Convention of Curses
Ancient Egypt | ??/5
Witness the magical and unimaginable as witches wizards and practitioners of the dark arts gather at the world's 366th Annual Convention of Curses. You will be mesmerized by their ghastly rituals. Stare if you must but mind your manners - lest you invite the casting of a curse on you!
Forbidden Forest
The Lost World | ??/5
The Villagers now that only fools venture through these woods after sunset. Here on the outskirts of town lies the land of the forbidden and the forgotten - the Crone of the Forest's kingdom. A grand dame of black magic she eternally prowls the night for unsuspecting souls to whet her her insatiable appetite. Tread swiftly for the dark shadows are vicious and morning is only a fool's dream.
Monster Rock: Halloween Edition
Pantages’ Theater | ??/5
Join Beetlejuice as he re-animates the infamous Universal Classic Monsters in this rock-n-roll musical. Featuring all-new songs in an indoor theatre fully fitted with cutting-edge cinematic technology this mega-monster spooktacular features enough pyrotechnics to wake the dead.

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