Halloween Horror Nights 4

2014 • Halloween Horror Nights

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A New Social Order

Dubbed the Minister of Evil, Jonah Goodwill, has been elected to office.  Goodwill is a shape-shifting demon that is eager to usher in a new form of social order - Demoncracy. Under his sinister supervision, 4 new haunted houses and 4 new scare zones have been rigged with nasty surprises and ghastly visions. From city centers to schools and army barracks, demons are awakened, clowns and fairy tales turned loony, and urban legends come alive. Guests have nowhere to hide as the Minister of Evil unleashes Demoncracy upon the park. Oh, and did we mention that Jack the Clown’s touring circus finally made it to town?

Universal Studios Singapore™
October 3-5; 10-11; 17-18; 22-25; 31; November 1, 2014
Event Name:
Halloween Horror Nights 4
Event Phrase:
The Minister of Evil.
7:00 PM-1:30 AM (Non-Peak)
$68.00 +tax
4 Maze(s)
4 Scare Zones
1 Shows

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Jack’s 3-Dementia
Soundstage #28 | X/5
A funhouse gone ghoulishly wrong this den of deadly deceptions is crawling with demonic clowns who would like nothing better than to practice their sick gags on you. But can you spot them before they spot you be set as you are at every turn by distorting disorientating illusions?
Jing’s Revenge
Soundstage #28 | X/5
Hua Xing Secondary School has never been the same since one of its students a bully victim called Jing hung herself ten years ago. Step foot on its premises and you will sense something is not right. The horrors of the past are about to be reenacted with you as a witness – or participant!
Mati Camp
Jurassic Park Tent | X/5
The minister of evil has put the sergeant major in charge and he takes the torturing of recruits very seriously indeed. Do you have the stomach for his training methods which include cannibalism and mutilation? Take a tour of his camp for atrocities you will wish you can unsee.
The L.A.B: Laboratory of Alien Breeding
Sting Alley | X/5
Located deep within the earth’s recesses this is the secret site of alien experiment on the homo sapien! Look out – if the human-alien hybrids that are the grotesque results of these grisly experiments do not get you their gruesome creators the alien reptilians certainly will...
Scary Tales
The Lost World | ??/5
The forest of disenchantment has ensnared your favorite fairy tales and twisted them into nightmares warping familiar characters you know from childhood almost beyond recognition. Desperate depraved and dangerous they will trap you with them if you let your guard down!
Sting Alley | ??/5
In this dingy shadowy playground from hell be wary of the children you come across! They have long forgotten what it means to be human and will do the unholy bidding of the one who dwells in the coldest darkest depths of every child’s closet: the boogeyman.
New York | ??/5
All hell has broken loose. Literally. The earth has been torn asunder by diabolical forces – hot steaming lava and the freakiest fiends of the underworld are spewing out onto the street! While you may be tempted to stop and gawk it will be more prudent to run for your life!
Canyon of the Cursed
Ancient Egypt | ??/5
Treasure-hunters in the wild west had long been lured to a place unmarked on any map believed to be buried with the gold of the nevuro tribe. Ignoring warnings of how it was guarded by spirits and protected by an ancient chieftain’s curse these rapacious men and women rode into the unknown and were never seen again. Until now.
Jack’s Nightmare Circus
Pantages’ Theater | ??/5
Jack is back! Along with his loyal gang of deranged disciples he’s on the hunt for his next batch of killer acts.

Event Facts

  • Infamous Halloween Horror Nights™ icon Jack made his Singapore debut with Jack’s 3-Dementia and Jack’s Nightmare Circus.
  • Jack’s 3-Dementia is Singapore’s first ever 3-D haunted house

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