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2019 • Halloween Horror Nights

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Curse of the Naga took center stage this year, an original haunted house from directors of blockbuster Thai horror films Shutter and 4bia. Fans of Asian horror can investigate the mysterious disappearances of teenagers and expect spine-chilling encounters with their darkest fears – from the Langsuir to the Toyol – in The Chalet Hauntings which featured the most extensive collection of Southeast Asian ghosts in a single house. Halloween Horror Nights™ 9 featured 5 mazes, 2 scare zones, a never-before-seen morbid death metal procession, and a malevolent undertaker diligently seeking out his next victim.

Universal Studios Singapore™
September 27-28; October 4-6; 10-13; 18-20; 25-27; 31, 2019
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Halloween Horror Nights 9
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No Event Phrase this year.
7:00 PM-1:30 AM (Non-Peak)
$69.00 +tax
5 Maze(s)
2 Scare Zones
2 Shows

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Curse of the Naga
Soundstage #28 | X/5
One moment you’re a tourist on the colourful streets of Bangkok. The next you’re being lured into the jungles of Thailand and find yourself stumbling into a lost village that is under the spell of the Naga a snake spirit. Beware the charms of the Serpentine Spirit or you may just be led astray and forced to bear the Curse of the Naga.
Hell Block 9
Soundstage #28 | X/5
Dark dirty and damp. This prison doesn’t rehabilitate it ravages. Every night prisoners in Hell Block 9 scream in agony and fear as merciless wardens torture them and leave them for dead guilty or otherwise. Ravaged by death disease and devastation this is the very image of hell on Earth. Can you survive long enough to finish your sentence?
Spirit Dolls
Ancient Egypt + Sci-Fi City Tent | X/5
Legend has it that one night an entire village was slaughtered by an evil doll that housed a vengeful spirit only to have their spirits trapped in the life-sized hand-stitched dolls left behind in the village. Now a macabre tourist attraction pick up your courage and head into the abandoned village to see the Spirit Dolls for yourself. But why are their eyes following you around? A word of advice: don’t look away.
The Chalet Hauntings
Jurassic Park Tent | X/5
Frightful rumours of a langsuir sighting. Hushed whispers of a hantu raya. Layers of police tape with no explanation. Whatever happened to the five teenagers who mysteriously disappeared from their chalet and why does everyone seem so hell bent on covering it up? It’s time to return to where it all started and uncover the dark secrets and vengeful ghosts that continue to haunt these cursed grounds. The truth behind The Chalet Hauntings will shock you but will you live to tell the tale?
Twisted Clown University
Step into this abandoned carnival ground and receive a welcome to the Twisted Clown University. Here remorseless clowns train the next generation of red nosed killers to wreak havoc on an already coulrophobic world. From being forced into death-defying acts to a lesson on manipulating bodies through puppetry your laughs will quickly dissolve into screams of terror.
Death Fest
New York | ??/5
Wander the fray of insane fans as they scream along to their favourite band at Death Fest the most hardcore music festival of 2019! Stay alert and keep your wits about you while navigating the mosh pits to escape this army of devoted metalheads and savages.
Dead End
The Lost World | ??/5
Enter Dead End the realm of the Undertaker and alternate dimension that lies between the land of the living and the domain of the dead. Watch as mourners practice macabre and bizarre funeral rites.
Death Fest: Live
New York Public Library Façade | ??/5
Join a morbid metal procession around the park with specially designed floats and electrifying acts culminating in a hardcore music festival bursting with visually stunning pyrotechnics.
Skin & Bones
Pantages’ Theater | ??/5
The number one comedy show in the Underworld is filming live. Be a part of the studio audience and watch as hosts Skin & Bones bring their offbeat entertainment to the stage along with some very special guests. It’s going to be hell-arious!

Event Facts

  • The region’s most iconic scare event returns with five haunted houses, two scare zones and two killer shows
  • The Undertaker, a returning character from Halloween Horror Nights™ 2 loosely acted as an icon this year, appearing in some marketing material and officially owning a scare zone.
  • For the first time ever, immerse in an original haunted house from the directors of blockbuster Thai horror films Shutter and 4bia
  • On peak nights, Halloween Horror Nights™ hosted a morbid metal procession around the park with specially designed floats, electrifying acts, and culminating in a hardcore music festival bursting with some of the most visually stunning pyrotechnics.

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