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2014 • Howl-o-Scream

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Since 1999, Howl-O-Scream has returned year after year to twist Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s lush Virginian forests into fog-choked haunting grounds. Like its Tampa cousin, the surroundings often inform the scares. Haunted houses and “Terror-tories” are woven into the park’s European theme, making fresh monsters out of old myths. England has the Ripper. Germany has the Grimm Brothers. France has the catacombs. In Williamsburg, folklore is as old as fear itself.

In contrast to Busch Gardens Tampa, Howl-O-Scream is not a separately ticketed event but included with general admission. Though it occasionally shares houses and themes with the other Howl-O-Scream events, Busch Gardens Williamsburg frequently relies on its own original icon, the pumpkin-headed Jack of the Lantern.

Busch Gardens® Williamsburg
September 12-14; 19-21; 26-28; October 2-5; 10-12; 17-19; 24-25, 2014
Event Name:
Howl-O-Scream Williamsburg 2014
Event Phrase:
10:00 AM-10:00 PM (Non-Peak)
10:00 AM-11:00 PM (Peak Nights)
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6 Maze(s)
5 Scare Zones
3 Shows

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13: Your Number’s Up
Ireland | X/5
The tower is open once more and on the 13th floor your darkest phobias and fears lurk in the shadows. Are you brave enough to face them or is your number up?
Oktoberfest | X/5
Full of legends and lore of vampires and the undead that preyed on the innocent this manor sits by the road upon which all travelers must pass but few return.
France | X/5
Deep within these tunnels lie mile after mile of bones — the final resting place for those who are buried here. But all is not as quiet as it appears. As guests venture forth into the dank dripping corridors of rat infested remains the voices of the dead begin to speak and some have taken shape.
Cut Throat Cove
Fiesta Italia | X/5
Within this macabre market the pirates have been slaughtered and mutiny is afoot. The way out lies with the buried treasure and the blood-curdling screams you hear just might be your own.
Escape from Pompeii | X/5
Deep underground construction of the newest line of the Pompeii Metro was moving smoothly until an ancient pipe was accidentally struck. At first it seemed like steam. Then the mist became thicker more sinister. Now the strange gas is leaking quickly and everyone trapped inside is infected. The difficult decision was made to cut off all communication to the outside world. The Dead Line is off the grid.
Root of All Evil
Germany | X/5
Venture if you dare into a decrepit greenhouse. Experiments here have not gone as planned and evil has taken control.
Ports of Skull™
Italy | ??/5
The Jolly Roger has risen over a ship graveyard filled with lost souls doomed to haunt the vessels they once sailed. Chart your course through Cut Throat Cove™ or cozy up to the Pirate Baarrrgh™ for a swill ‘o the grog but keep a weather eye open or you may find yourself keel-hauled by cut-throat buccaneers.
Wendigo Woods™
New France | ??/5
Wendigo Woods™ started out as a state-of-the-art facility where researchers could study the flora and fauna of the northern reaches of the continent’s forests. The camp was named after a terrifying creature the Wendigo which was thought to be only a legend … until now. Sightings of mysterious creatures stalking through the woods have prompted a security team to shut down the compound and contain whatever is out there. Either unravel the mystery of Wendigo Woods or fall prey to the terror in the trees.
Vampire Point™
Germany | ??/5
Even vampires need a vacation once in a while and Vampire Point® is the perfect destination for bloodsuckers. Watch your step and your neck or you might end up the main course at the Blood Banquet™. Dawn is hours away so your last salvation lies in escaping the vampire village before the inhabitants sink their fangs into you.
Demon Street™
France | ??/5
Paris is burning. Can you escape before the city is engulfed in flame? Let the smoldering ruins light your way but beware fiery fiends lurk around every corner ready to put you on the coals. The smell of a burning inferno fills the air and rumor has it unsuspecting souls will be roasted on a spit. It’s about to get very hot in Paris so stay cool or you may find yourself going up in smoke.
Ripper Row™
England | ??/5
Things are looking a bit unsettling in England with a murderer on the loose plucking unsuspecting victims from the city streets to satisfy his grizzly curiosity. No one knows what Jack the Ripper looks like or who he will strike next. Authorities hunt furiously among the crowds in search of the killer nabbing anyone who looks at all suspicious. Keep your head down and your wits about you or you might not make it out alive.
Monster Stomp on Ripper Row
Park Exit | ??/5
Monster Stomp returns this time on Ripper Row. This modern rock and rhythm spectacular features Jack the Ripper like you’ve never seen him before. The beat is back as electrifying percussion dynamic dance and sensational singing return to the stage in a pulse pounding revue that is darkly entertaining.
Night Beats
The Festhaus | ??/5
Things that go bump in the night sing dance and transport you on a musical journey. From the devilish sounds of the roaring '20s to vamping it up with the music of today this show is filled with dazzling dance numbers sizzling singers and a barely live band that will leave your heart … beating.
Ireland | ??/5
The wacky doctor and his manic nurses are creating the ultimate Fiend and there’s not a bad seat in the lab. The voltage is high and so is the fun as they sing dance and bring you along on the operation of a lifetime.

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