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Legends of Horror

Journey into the macabre, and dive deeper into The VAULT to explore the horrifying profiles of haunt Event Icons. Most created exclusively for the event, each property's Design Teams developed motion picture quality backstories to propel the event into instant notoriety, and give guests nightmares. The Icons, although different and unique to their event theme, timeline, and year are often called upon from parallel terrifying realms.

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights™:

Bloody Mary
Mary Agana •
Cindy Caine •
Eddie Schmidt •
Freddy Krueger
Fred Krueger •
Gideon Grim
Gideon S. Grim •
Jack the Clown
Jack Schmidt •
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees •
John Kramer •
Thomas Brown Hewitt •
The Caretaker
Albert Caine •
The Director
Paulo Ravinski •
The Minister of Evil
Jonah Goodwill •
The Usher
Julian Browning •

Busch Gardens' Howl-o-Scream: