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The VAULT Needs YOUR Help!

Got some good shots, media, or video? We need YOU!

The hunger of The VAULT is never ending... HAUNTVAULT™ is actively looking for global haunt fans to help contribute, create, and partner with us. Whether it's a video you shot on your walkthrough of a house, a candid photograph with an Event Icon, or a little-known fact about the event that you'd like to share — we want it all!

Keep reading to see what we're currently looking for —

Contributing Content

HAUNTVAULT™ (formerly HHNVAULT) was rebranded to create the world's largest haunt community. Ever growing, and cultivating content HAUNTVAULT™ began by focusing on Universal's Halloween Horror Nights™ event, but has grown to focus on global haunted events from Busch Gardens to Knott's Berry Farm. We continue to add each year to our existing collection and are always open to exploring more haunts and contributing to The VAULT's hunger... Our goal is to continue to grow HAUNTVAULT™ into the epicenter of statistics, facts, interviews, Featured Articles, multimedia, pop culture influences, and more. That's a daunting task for anyone, let alone a small team doing this as a hobby.

If you have any of the following categories, we would love to have you contribute content to HAUNTVAULT™:

  • Original Photographs✝
  • Original Video✝
  • Facts & Statistics (Hours of Operation, Prices, Rides/Houses/Etc.)
  • Audio & Soundbites
  • Newspaper Articles
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Prize Packs/Media Swag
  • Merchandise Photos✝

✝- Keep in mind, anything submitted to HAUNTVAULT™ must be your media, unless supplied in an official capacity (i.e. commercials, radio, etc. are "official" from the parks). To get started, review the HAUNTVAULT™ Submission Agreement below.

Partnering with Us

We also are looking for super-fans of the event who would like to partner with us to cultivate content for The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop, giveaways, and more! We have had the pleasure of working with some of the most bad-ass artists around. We love pushing the envelope on new media, and constantly look at ways to rep our favorite events - no matter what month it is. If you're interested in partnering with us, review the HAUNTVAULT™ Submission Agreement below.

Wholesale & Vendors

We take great pride in delivering the best products, made from the best materials, in The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop. We are always looking into new, local vendors (and wholesale products) that we can grow our product lines. Items sold in The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop cannot include intellectual property (IP), including event merchandise, and should be original bad-ass stuff our fans will love. To partner with us, review the HAUNTVAULT™ Submission Agreement below.

HAUNTVAULT™ Submission Agreement

By submitting content to HAUNTVAULT.com, you are agreeing that this submission is — where otherwise noted — your property and original to you exclusively, the submitter. All submissions sent to HAUNTVAULT™, whether through this page, sent via e-mail, social media, or other methods, becomes immediate property of HAUNTVAULT™. Content may be altered, in any way, shape, or form, as deemed by HAUNTVAULT™.

HAUNTVAULT™ reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason and is not required to post submissions, nor required to (though in most cases, is happy to) credit submitters. All media is hand-reviewed by the HAUNTVAULT™ Moderation Team, and may not be posted immediately.

Woo! You made it this far. That deserves a high-five on it's own...

To submit content to HAUNTVAULT™, complete the form below:
Note: Please do not attempt to submit any media through this form. This is strictly used to introduce yourself, and begin a dialogue with our team. We DO NOT accept media via this form or e-mail (we have OneDrive and Dropbox for that). We're excited to chat with you, be detailed in your message!