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Since HHNVAULT, now HAUNTVAULT, first creaked open in 2004, our community of haunt junkies has grown by the day. Started as a small, manual handcoded website & database, HHNVAULT has now become the largest and most comprehensive Halloween Horror Nights Community. Now rebranded as HAUNTVAULT, our goal remains the same: to become the world's largest haunt community across the globe. Unfortunately, with growth comes the need to expand resources, bandwidth, media, and with that comes a lot of behind the scenes cost.

During the "haunt season" (typically September through November), our site recieves new a surge of new visitors. We pride ourselves in having a multimedia-forward website, meticulously archiving the beauty of many haunted events and setting the standard for fan sites around the world. Ironically, we have outgrown the ability to host HAUNTVAULT on shared servers, and must have a dedicated web platform (including a seperate server just for just our media), to ensure consistent operation. Without contributions from our fans, and HAUNTVAULT Society Members, the site would become overwhelming, and incredibly costly.

Contributing a small donation to HAUNTVAULT will help keep 'The VAULT' powered and alive, and our costs down. Even if you're just buying our Staff a cup of coffee (or a Red Bull) we're forever grateful for your financial support.

If you would like to help in any way, you can donate your own specified dollar amount by utilizing the special shop link below.

Without YOU, the dedicated haunt fans, HAUNTVAULT wouldn't exist. We take this stuff seriously, and would like to personally thank each and every one of our visitors and HAUNTVAULT Society Members for helping keep the horror alive, after all these years... None of this would be possible without you — Sweet Dreams...

dR.fReAK, Josh & EyEGOre

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